Friday, February 02, 2007


FIRST blog update of the year! A bit slow off the mark, I think that new years swim may have been a shock to my system after all. January was busy, despite the long Dail break, with a major policy document launch last week. Raising medical card threshold from the current 28% of population to 40% of the population. And a Universal Health Insurance scheme for all under 16s - with a view to extending... It's available to read on the policy section of the website - I'd really like your feedback.

The Party Leader, Pat Rabbitte, will be visiting County Wicklow later in February. He will be touring the County with myself and meeting up with Nicky Kelly in Arklow. It's generally acknowledged Labour are in a good position to win two seats. Certainly we are looking forward to the fight.

I've been conducting a Health Survey around Wicklow but now have an online version which can be accessed and filled in at this link

You can also get more information on the Labour website homepage

Thanks for taking the time to fill in and/or letting me know your thoughts.

Oh and a belated Happy New Year!

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