Sunday, April 22, 2007

First Post from Wicklow Campaign Team

In the next few weeks campaign team members will be contributing to this blog.

Here are my own personal experiences of the last 3 years of membership of the Labour Party and reasons why I strongly support Liz McManus.

Around the time I entered college and during my time in student politics I first became really aware of the Labour party. I grew up in a house where support fluctuated between FF and FG but never really Labour.

I became strongly involved in many campaigns where Labour was the party to the forefront; Free 3rd Level Fees, Anti Racism, Womens Rights. I eventually decided that the Labour Party was the one which best met both my political beliefs and convictions.

The party believes in Social Justice, Workers Rights, Equality, Social Liberalism, Civil Liberties; Examples would include; setting up the Combat Poverty Agency, Introducing Equality Legislation; pioneering Divorce and Contraception and Decriminalising Homosexuality.

For these and many other reasons I joined the Labour party 3 years ago.

I am strongly supporting the re-election of Liz McManus in this general election because;
She has an excellent track record in delivering for her constituents
She has consistently and strongly advocated for those on the margins of Irish society e.g. female domestic violence victims, travellers and people with poor mental health.
She has shown determined resistance and opposition to a privatised, for profit health service
The Labour Party has demonstrated in the past that it is the only party which strongly pushes for social justice and social liberalisation. Other parties have followed the Labour lead.
Labour believes in providing fair opportunities for all in Irish society as opposed to a free market neo liberal ideology which allows the strongest and the wealthiest to triumph over all others

The launch of Liz’s campaign last week was a great success. There was strong support from across the county for Liz McManus and indeed Nicky Kelly. It confirmed in my mind and many others that there is a mood for change among the electorate. A challenge has been set for us to drive that change and to win 2 Labour seats in Wicklow. We can achieve that.


(on behalf of the campaign team)

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