Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all you bloggers out there! This is my first post of 2006 and I hope it'll be first of many and regular postings...

New Years Day began with a kick-start - the traditional New Years Day charity swim in Bray, as I do every year. This has to be the greatest hangover cure of all time-blowing away all cobwebs from the previous night's festivities. The water was absolutely freezing, as expected, but it was great to see such an impressive turn out.

THIS year will no doubt be an exciting one in politics with a general election looming. The recent holidays were needed to recharge the batteries. Despite the fact that the Dail is not yet back the Christmas holidays already seem like a distant memory!

2006 began with the announcement of the Exchequer returns for 2005. Those who work in the health services and those who have had to endure long waiting lists and long waits on trolleys in our A&E units must be shocked that around E136m went unspent last year. While money is far from the only answer in relation to the health services, but I'm sure all will agree that there are areas that targeted spending is desperately needed.

I'm currently working on finalising our Primary Health Care document, which I hope to launch in the next few weeks, so it's definitely back to work time...


Frank said...


A singular Happy New Year to you too, from this blogger, and welcome to the ranks of Ireland's bloggers.

When I passed your party's Environment spokesperson by the Shelbourne Hotel last week he looked like a saltwater dip might not have been his preference at the time.

I hope 2006 will be the year when the Labour Party snaps out of its mesmeric attraction to Fine Gael, the party of wealth and condescension in Ireland.

All your two parties have in common is that the electorate have repeatedly declined to put you in government together over the past twenty years.

James Corbett said...

Liz, good to see you blogging. I've already stated on my own blog that I will not be voting in the next election unless for a candidate who blogs.

I've added your blog address and feed to the Open Irish Directory -

Liz said...

Thanks for your comments.

James - I appreciate you putting my blog address on that directory. Is there anything you want me to do - put a link on my page or something?


Kathy said...

Hi Liz, Happy New Year to you from Co. Kildare. I am a refugee from Dublin living in Kildare for four years now and running a website called - I have been a long time supporter of Pat Rabbitt. Hope 2006 is a good one for the Labour Party.