Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday, 18th January 2006

JUST WHEN you think things couldn't get worse they get worse. The figures presented by the INO (Irish Nurses Organisation) of 422 patients on trolleys in A&E Departments around the country are truly shocking. It seems incredible that a year after promising to solve the A&E Crisis by April 2005 and we're still seeing this type of situation.

In a non health service related topic, we're beginning the preparations for this year's 1916 celebration. I'm Chair of the Liberty Project that has as it's aim to celebrate the role of the Labour movement in Irish history - in particular the events surrounding 1916 while exploring the significance in today's world of the struggle for equality and freedom.

We're planning the month of April for events - I'll post more details as soon as I have should be interesting....

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pierce martin said...

Dear Liz, I admire James Connoly's passion for justice, however his decision to involve himself and his movement in a proto-fascist attempt at political revolution in 1916 was unforgivable.

By doing so he denuded Ireland of a valuable national political discourse so important at that time, and by aiding the commission of a crime: the 1916 insurrection, he played into the hands of theocratic reactionaries, who upon acheiving power in 1922 ran this country into ground, for most of the 20-century.

In my view under no circumstances should a liberal democratic society commemorate, let alone celebrate, such an act of wanton cruality and contemptible betrayal as that of the 1916 rising. 315 civilians were killed during Easter week,including scores of children,179 buildings destroyed, a third of Dublins population forced onto public relief.Hardly a cause for national celebration except of course for party political spin doctors like Martin Mansergh.

I challenge you as our public represenative to a debate in the letters section of Village Magazine on 1916, that is of course if you have the conviction, and spirit for such a robust trial, somehow I doubt it, I may be presumptuous, but you may either ignore my invitation, or fob me off with some excuse. Its up to you

Pierce Martin
Celbridge Co.