Friday, February 10, 2006


So I'm back again about the Greystones Harbour! Last week 400 or so people turned up at a public meeting about this development - which was really heartening. I was aware of the concern among large numbers of residents and others but this kind of turn out on a Tuesday evening in January was great to see. I was the only TD that turned up - and was joined Labour Cllr Tom Fortune.

While its acknowledged that an upgrade of the areas is welcome, this development in its present guise goes too far. Its going to cause years of trucks ploughing down to the harbour every 2 mintues which will be unbearable for the local residents/community.

There is such a strong feeling among Labour representatives, Greystones residents and others that this development really needs a rethink and to be reduced in scale.

And finally - just a quick note on first few days back in the Dail, 2006. It definetly seems like Groundhog day there at times. Bloggers may well be aware of the revelations couple of weeks back of the 56 million euro that the Department of Health thought hadn't spent, but in fact had spent on capital spending...buildings etc. I just wonder sometimes if our Minister for Health ever looks at her bank statments, as the no one seems to know where this money has gone??


Frank said...

I agree that the current proposal is not right, and I have made my personal submission to An Bord Pleanála.

Anonymous said...

I really think that a truck every two minutes "ploughing" our streets is a bit of an exaguration no? This was a very sensationalist article and i think, although this a blog, the facts should be gotten right!

Anonymous said...

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