Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I was asked to contribute to a new blog that will collect political articles and posts in the run up to the General Election. It can be found here if anyone would like a look...

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As you are aware, the election issue for the Dargle Valley area of Bray is the illegal dump on Love Lane. Of Landfill proportions, this dump is being ignored by Wicklow CC officials in the tradition of grand tradition ignoring the start up of illegal landfill in the County at times when the local authority is not in a position to provide a service itself. Coolnamadra, Whitestown and Blessington all carry allegations that Wicklow CC in someway supported their existence in the early days of their lives because there was no other home for the waste. The same is true in Love Lane.

Thousands of tonnes of waste are dumped here and dumping continues on a daily basis. Fires burn nightly billowing dioxin laden smoke, from the burning of plastics, across the town of Bray. Children from the nearby Fassaroe Estate play in the ashes and rubbish and filth, at risk of catching Wiels Disease from the rats who play there too.

But Fassaroe Estate has no waste collection system and the local authority is not living up to its obligation to "provide or arrange for the provision" of one as set down in the Waste Management Act. So the council turns a blind eye to the existence of a big illegal landfill on private lands adjoining the housing estate, which is becoming moe commercial by the day, with loads of household and business waste arriving from a much wider area. This is another Whitestown, Roadstone, Coolnamadra in the middle of Bray town and Wicklow CC will continue to conveniently ignore it until the EPA is forced to step in and prosecute the landowner.

And the landowner is another issue in this sorry tale. The lands were recently auctioned for an estimated six million euro. Wicklow CC as we know, does not challenge its wealthy residents very often.

But the tide of public outrage is rising. Local owners of high cost apartments in the Dargle Valley have come together to protest at this Government facilitated environmental crime. They are clear in what they want:

Love lane to be closed off to vehicular traffic

The dump to be cleaned up and the landowner prosecuted

A waste collection service to be arranged for the County Council estate.

A fence to be erected between the Council estate and the illegal dump lands to prevent access by children to this unsafe area.

But the grassroots should not have to tell its elected members how to do their job.