Friday, March 23, 2007

Dying Days of a Government

Now in its dying days the government has gone made galloping through legislation at a breakneck speed. The passing of legislation should be a slow, ponderous, line by line exercise where every aspect of its possible impact is ruminated upon without haste.

Instead we are seeing major legislation like the new Criminal Justice Bill rampaging through the Oireachtas by the Minister for Justice who is careering out of control. Seven day detention? Electronic tagging? Let it all happen is Minister McDowell's approach but without any of the safeguards that parliament should provide in an open and accountable way as prescribed under our Constitution.

The Minister for Health is trotting after him as fast as she can. The Health Bill, the Medical Practitioners Bill, the Pharmacy Bill etc etc...all guillotined pitilessly by a government that is not interested in doing things well just in doing things. Roll on the Election so we can get some good
governance back.

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