Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Getting Wicklow Moving

Nicky Kelly, Brendan Howlin TD and I launched a Transport Plan for Co. Wicklow. Twin track electrified rail system to Wexford, rural buses, improved roads are key elements in it. 37% of journeys to Dublin are by public transport. In Wicklow the figure is approx 6%-so a dramatic shift from private car to public transport is needed. On the way back from the press conference in Arklow I came across the chilling sight of a huge lorry overturned in a ditch at the notoriously dangerous stretch of the N11 between the Tap and the Beehive pubs.

24 hours later there are incredible scenes along Naas dual carriage. 18 people injured and hundreds stuck for hours in traffic jams. Nothing could reinforce our message on transport as effectively!

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