Friday, May 11, 2007

Campaign Team on Hospitals and Roads

As a member of Liz's campaign team I am unfortunately immobile at the moment but will still be occasionally contributing to the blog.

Last week was my first time ever to be admitted to hospital. I understand how hospitals can be a daunting experience for Margaret (see video below) and others.

Last week I had an accident and was waiting on the side of a public road to be assisted. The ambulance drove past us despite being flagged down and we had to rephone the emergency services.

On admittance to the ambulance and hospital, I have to say the standard of care was excellent. I did however find that the doctors and nurses were so busy that their time had to be largely dispersed. Obviously they couldn’t help this as emergencies will always happen. This does mean that the doctors/nurses just in a lot of cases do not have time to do the job. I was waiting to be discharged for at least half an hour – this is a simple thing that requires someone saying to me – you can go now. It would also have meant a freed up cubicle quicker.

Three days later I returned to the same A and E department for a wound check. Patients were being told – “there are no beds in the hospital” – the corridors of the A and E were full of patients on trolleys.

This country clearly needs Labour in Government to deliver the clear commitment of 2300 more beds in cleaner hospitals.

While I was in hospital other patients were admitted after another major crash on the N11. As Liz has pointed out many times that this section of the road is dangerous and needs to be upgraded urgently.


(on behalf of campaign team)

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