Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Why are all those posters of dead people everywhere?"!

ONE of the things in this campaign is the great interest shown by children for the Election posters. One child was quoted recently asking his mammy, "Why are all those posters of dead people everywhere?"! The children that I'm meeting at the doorsteps are very excited to be meeting someone (a live person!) from the posters. This must be something to do with the power of TV that has trained young eyes towards visual images. Or maybe its the celebrity culture that gets them excited. When it comes to the adults, who have a vote, posters have minimal effect.

Yesterday I launched Labour's A&E plan. 2,300 beds needed and we're determined to implement them. If Noel Browne in the hungry 40s could provide 2,000 beds in three years it is not beyond the bounds of possibility to do it now.

I notice that as days pass Brian Cowen is getting more shrill. He seems to think people like bombast, aggression and aggressive tactics. I'm not convinced. In fact what is interesting about this campaign is how thoughtful the discussions on the doorsteps are. People's thoughts on childcare, health, transport are being expressed. And the constant refrain is that it's time for a change of Government - which is a reflection of Labour's slogan to make a change and that "Ireland can do better with Labour."

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