Monday, November 07, 2005


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I really believe that the people of our State are sick and tired of the waste that the current government are consistently in charge of. The Labour Party are sick and tired of taxpayers money beinig wasted too, and as such have launched this "Wasters" campaign. We've been highlighting the vast wastage of money on various botched projects.

For example:
The Great Computer Squander: E160 million on a health service computer system that doesn't work.

Michael McDowell's Pricey Prisons: E30 million for a prison site worth E6 million.

Bertie's Blunder in Abbotstown: E157 million to clear a site for a stadium that wasn't built.

The Tunnel Throw-away: The Port Tunnel is running E335 million over budget.

Charlie McCreevy's Horsey Hand-out: E15 million for this pet project!

For that waste listed above that comes to E753 million, if Labour was in Government the following would have been achieved instead:

2000 extra Gardai on the streets for 9 years.

An additional teacher into every primary school for 5 years.

A free pre-school place for every child under 4 years of age.

The funding of the redevelopment of hospitals such as the Mater and Temple Street.

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