Friday, July 21, 2006


Now that the Dail is off on its infamous summer break, I've been around my Constituency more and more. Of course people I run into keep telling me on I'm on holidays!! Well, it's certainly been busy so far.

One of the main issues in Wicklow in recent days, which has reached the national airwaves, has been the fact that residents in Enniskerry and Rocky Valley have been without water for four days. With the weather being so hot it's particularly uncomfortable and is dangerous. These residents have been treated disgracefully by the County Council in my view.

I was in Arklow this morning showing my support to a local disability Group who are campaigning for disabled access to the Post Office on the Main Street. The group have been there for 2 days and have collected a very impressive 1500 signatures.

On Tuesday night I was in Blessington, West Wicklow at a West Wicklow Labour Party branch meeting. They have launched a recruitment drive for Labour in the area and I was delighted to lend my support to that also.

I've also been visiting people around Bray town and I have been getting a very warm response I'm pleased to say. Of course, it makes me glad I'm not in Fianna Fail!

On a very sad note, the wife of Philip Duffy, my special advisor during my time as Minister of State for Urban Housing and Renewal, Patricia Duffy has died. Patricia was a very warm person who was a good friend to all who knew her and will be sadly missed. I just want to extend my sincere sympathies to Philip, and their boys and to her extended family and friends. Ar dheis De go raibh a h-anam.

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Anonymous said...

I am recently returned from the Lebanon and am Hoping to garner your support for our protest next Tuesday the 25th at 1.00 starting at Dame Street and marching towards the Israel embassy. The protest is calling for an immediate cease fire and the starting of dialogue between the parties involved. The protest aims are to highlight the humanitarian crisis that is evolving in Lebanon.

Lebanon like Ireland is a small country with out the ability to defend itself against a well armed neighbor. While the actions of Hezbollah must be condemned the retaliation that is being inflicted on Lebanon for the actions of a minority need to be condemned as well.

Each day the Innocent civilians of Lebanon are being subject to fear and terror by another sovereign state and it cannot be allowed to continue. If Britain had responded in a similar way during the IRA’s campaign of violence there would have been world outrage and so the onus is on Ireland to show the same support for Lebanon.

To date the Irish Government and the Department of foreign affairs have done a fantastic job in evacuating the Irish citizens and now it is time to help the Lebanese that have no option but to remain.

Yours Gratefully,

Ciarán O Neill

Mobile: 087 9481910


Save the Civilians

No to the barbaric attacks on Lebanon

Time: 1 pm

Date: Tuesday 25th of July 2006

Place: In front of the Central Bank at Dame Street marching to the Israel Embassy in Pembrook Road.

The Lebanese community in Ireland and Friends of Lebanon call on all the freedom lovers and defenders of human rights to join its peaceful non political gathering.