Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Greystones Marina update

AT THE recent Greystones branch meeting, the Labour Party had a long discussion about the proposed harbour development. At the last Local Election we expressed grave concerns about the scale of the development, the traffic pollution generated and the impact it would have on Greystones.

We welcome the fact that more people are critical of this proposal and we believe it should be withdrawn. There is a great need to improve and upgrade the harbour area but this kind of development-led plan does not serve the community.

We intend to carry out further evaluations once the environmental impact study is published. So watch this space…

For more information check out www.greystonesmarina.com

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Anonymous said...

Liz is absolutley right to be concerned about the Greystones Marina. It is speculative development. As a Public Private Partnership it should have been the most landscape friendly project in the country - its cheap, shoddy and the costal protection works are years out of date. The EU Eurosion study says that hard tecqniques will damage the coastline in other areas. Well done Liz! read the EIS and you will not realise it includes a cement factory - but it does.

Anonymous said...

The cement factory is very worring. the fact is that for five years Greystones harbour will be one huge building site. Could Liz let us know what the health hazards are with cement factories. Some one said they are going to manifacture thousands of 40 ton blocks right on site. Sureley they need a seperate EIS for this/I loked at the EIS and every time it mentions health it gives figures thatyou would have to be Einstein to understand, then says its acceptable. Perhaps a labour party doctor could take a look? Time is running out and 15,000 people in Greystones are not getting the info to decidewhether to object on health grounds, which they should. Only the labour party's Tom Fortune is publicly opposing this. All the other electoral hopefuls are sitting on the fence. This is a case where a stong, clear Labour voice is needed.

Anonymous said...


Could you comment on tyhe statement by WCC that its not who who objects matters?